quinta-feira, 15 de julho de 2010

Poucas bandas despertam este grau de DEVOção

"This is a tattoo of my best friend who passed away. I have a photo of him wearing his Devo gear for Halloween, and it makes me smile every time i see it so I wanted it on me for life. It's my favorite person in the world with one of my favorite bands in the world. Now he gets to watch Devo from the big ice cream cone in the sky. I know he would like that quote since he was the one that had shown me the "Human Highway" movie. There aren't words strong enough to honor him properly, so this tattoo is my way of honoring him and the band that brought us together." in clubdevo

Não conheço muitas bandas capazes de criarem uma devoção tão grande à sua volta. Os DEVO são, de facto, únicos.

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